What Should I do if My Child Is Sick?

Our teachers and schools are here to support your child鈥檚 learning, and your child鈥檚 well-being is important to us.

Children who are sick should not attend school. Public health officials strongly urge anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms, such as a cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, or headache, to remain at home. Children should stay home until they improve, which means no fever, and other symptoms are clearly improving for a couple of days.

With respiratory viruses (RSV) circulating, knowing what symptoms to look for and when to seek help is essential. Visit for healthcare guidance. Working together, we can keep the risk of virus transmission low in our schools.

Specifically for COVID-19, Public Health recommends that individuals wait for at least five days after testing positive or the onset of symptoms before returning to school or daycare. Masks, as well as rapid antigen tests, continue to be available upon request. Please connect directly with your child鈥檚 school for these items.